Startup Spotlight: Luncher

Startup Spotlight: Luncher

For some entrepreneurs, one venture can be the result of a lifetime of experiences. That is true of Edwin Ortiz and his company Luncher. The Mexico City native turned Northwest Arkansas resident is working to solve a problem that very few are as equipped to do.   

Luncher is a platform that allows individuals to order food to their office, a park or other hot spots without costly delivery fees. “When you have to pay twice as much for something for it to be delivered, you exclude a lot of the market,” he said. “That was a problem I wanted to focus on.” 

Ortiz’s experience in the field of logistics began a very young age, working for this family’s transit business. An accident thrust him into a leadership position when he was still just a kid, and he was forced to make critical business decisions to keep the family business alive. 

From Intern to Entrepreneur

From Intern to Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship comes naturally to some. Tanner Green, 18, is one of those individuals. A former Startup Junkie intern and serial entrepreneur since before he could get a driver's license, Green is diving headfirst into his latest venture: PigPin. He took the time out of his busy schedule to shed some light on the new project, the impact Startup Junkie has had on his journey and what lies ahead.  

Did interning for Startup Junkie inspire you to pursue your own venture or were you an entrepreneur before? 

At the ripe age of 14, I attended the Startup Junkie/ Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Teen Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. It was at this camp where I truly got my first taste for venture creation, and my proclivity for creativity and innovation was greatly exercised. Working with Startup Junkie, the experiences at the camp brought my vision great clarity. Hearing the stories of other local entrepreneurs and their successes heightened my personal and professional aspirations. My newly embedded aspirations had me continually surrounding myself with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals, and truly working every day to become the best version of myself. Needless to say, my desire to be an entrepreneur has always been inside of me. However, Startup Junkie’s mission and impact nurtured my career goals even greater than I could have imagined. 

A Golden Opportunity for Supply Chain Startups


Fuel is a 16-week, collaborative program for growth-stage, supply chain-focused startups who are serving enterprise clients. Fuel’s focus is on education, mentorship, and growing business relationships with enterprise partners.

BENTONVILLE, AR – A new opportunity for supply chain innovation companies opens in Northwest Arkansas. Fuel is designed to help these startups prepare to serve large enterprise customers – and connect them with those potential customers. The program is hosted by RevUnit, facilitated by Startup Junkie, and funded by the Arkansas EDC, and does not follow a traditional accelerator model. The focus is on education, mentorship, and growing business relationships with key corporate partners looking for solutions to some of the industry’s biggest supply chain & logistics challenges.

The program is built for Seed-Series A companies – startups that have a product much further along than a drawing on the back of a napkin. The program does not invest in the companies on the front-end, and there is not a capital guarantee on the back-end of the program. Access to capital will be facilitated for participants that are seeking investment, however the real financial emphasis of the program is to get companies ready for commercial agreements with larger institutions so that they can use customer money to fund their growth. The belief is that access to customers is more important than access to capital – and it makes the ladder much easier.

Participants will be immersed in a rigorous business-building curriculum, and they’ll leave with a better understanding of supply chain from product creation to customer ownership. The companies will be matched with highly experienced mentors, as well as coaching and connections to create actionable business outcomes with new partners and customers. Industry partners include Walmart’s Supply Chain Innovation team, the Technology leadership from Tyson Foods, UniGroup, CaseStack, the University of Arkansas, i2i Labs, and mentors representing Fortune 500 leadership, tech founders, VC firms.

More information about Fuel can be found at and applications can be submitted via f6s at