161: Shark Tank Special

In this episode of the Startup Junkies Podcast, Jeff Amerine and Haley Allgood head to the first ever Shark Tank casting call in Arkansas. Presented by Startup Junkie, the casting call gave local entrepreneurs in the heartland the opportunity to give a one-minute pitch of their business, product or idea. If chosen, local contestants may be featured on “Shark Tank” for a chance to make their dreams a reality. Guests featured in this episode include Mindy Zemrack, casting coordinator for Shark Tank, several companies participating in the casting call (Luncher, Shiphike, dOugh M G, Bristle), and Dmitri Love, a University of Arkansas graduate who was previously featured on Shark Tank with his company Bundil. Shark Tank season 11 premiers this fall on ABC and will hopefully include companies that pitched at the Bentonville Casting Call!

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