Connecting great people with growing companies

We lead the Arkansas Fellowship in NWA and Conway, and we are very focused on talent development and retention initiatives. We actively help our client entrepreneurs recruit the talent that they need in order to succeed.

Entrepreneurs need talent to succeed.  Through our leadership of the Arkansas Fellowship in NWA and Conway, we help you find, develop, and retain the talent you need!

Board Members

Rick Barrows

Multi-Craft Contractors
Founder and President

Ashton McCombs

Founder and CEO

Ronnie Brewer

Eight Season NBA Veteran
& Founder of The Ronnie Brewer Foundation

Dan Sanker

Founder and CEO

Phyl Amerine

Startup Junkie Consulting

Scott Andrews

Hayseed Ventures

Calvin Smith

Co-Founder of Now Diagnostics & Partner at CertaPro

Amy Callahan

Collective Bias
Co-Founder and CCO

Cynthia Sides

Sam Walton College of Business
Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation